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What are the ingredients in the sensory dough?

- Flour
- Salt
- Cream of tartar
- Vegetable oil
- Food coloring
- All natural fragrance oils


Do you add any chemicals or additives to your play dough?

We only use 100% safe, non-toxic ingredients. We do not use any chemical or artificial preservatives. 


Does your dough contain nuts?

We don't use any nut products in our dough. However, we are not a certified nut-free facility, and we can't guarantee that our other base ingredients have not been cross-contaminated.


How long does your dough last?

Our dough is all natural, so it won't last forever! Be sure to screw the lids on tight to prevent the dough from drying out. If it does, add a small amount of warm water and knead until soft. Store dough in the jars in a cool dry place. If stored correctly, and played with frequently, your dough should last 3+ months!


What if my child eats it?

Even though our dough is made from 100% non-toxic ingredients, our dough is a toy product and is NOT edible.


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